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High efficiency boiler fitted from £999
Worcester boiler fitted from £1350
Baxi platinum fitted from £1450
Vaillant fitted from £1550




SpiroTrap Magnabooster


Supplied and fitted - £175


Spiro Trap Magnabooster supplied and fitted by Nottingha Plumbing and Heating Engineers - great prices!The New unique SpiroTrap ‘Magnabooster’ with a self cleaning magnet inside Simple and efficient way to remove all types of debris and magnetite from central heating systems.


Dirt Separator and self cleaning magnet in one unit.


All the advantages of the tried and tested SpiroTrap unit, now with the magnet added for accelerated and dynamic magnetite removal. Suitable for all new systems and boiler changes. The self cleaning magnet or unit does not have to be removed from the system in order to be cleaned, NO MESS NO FUSS.


Available in horizontal and vertical models.


System protection, optimal efficiency and energy savings, The ‘Magnabooster’ dramatically accelerates initial removal of magnetite. You clean the unit without having to isolate and remove the unit from the system. Simply open the drain valve for 3 – 5 seconds to clean. The pressure of the water flushes out the dirt and will cleans the magnet automatically.


The SpiroTrap Magnabooster leaves your installation water totally magnetite free and totally dirt free. Your central heating system can now run at optimum efficiency.


Suitable for all brands of boilers, every type of heating system and any fuel type. http://www.spirotrapmb2.co.uk/


Supplied and fitted - £175


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